Hall of Records Mastery Series

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Embark on a transformative journey through three immersive course levels inspired by the enlightening principles of the book:
"Hall of Records: Working Within the Law of Free Will to Change Your Life"

Whether you're a curious beginner, a dedicated practitioner, or an aspiring master, this series offers the keys to unlock your potential and shape the life you desire.  Hall of Records is easy to learn and works within the Law of Free Will. 

This course is open to all  

When I wrote and published the Hall of Records book, the intent was to share tools for healing and expansion through the Law of Free Will. For that purpose, and to assist you in experiencing for yourself, I offered you an experience to give you a template for empowerment.  

We have been told through many sources, whom we respect and trust, that we have no choice in our lives.  We have been told that we only have one life and to get it right.  We have been told that we can’t change karma or agreements to suffer.  We have been told that we can’t change our choices.  We have been told that when we set our blueprint, it was set and there are no options. We have been told many erroneous, manipulative, controlling, deceptive untruths. 

In the Hall of Records book, in the Companion Workbook, and now through this personal instruction, I am going to share my understanding of that and give you options and resources.  It doesn’t have to be your truth or understanding.  The act of choosing to consider these possibilities shows that you at least intend to listen and come to your own conclusions. 

First, let me share that I have been using this tool to successfully help others for most of my forty-year practice. And there are many testimonies of how it has altered their perceptions, their choices, and their understandings of the Universal Law of Free Will. 

Knowing this information will give you an entirely different platform of behavior but also give you confidence in your way of being. 

Once you understand the Law of Free Will and the Hall of Records and how they work together, you will be empowered to change your life. And should you choose to continue your studies and experiences into the practitioner and advanced practitioner course you will be able to guide others into their empowerment. 

Your entire life can change for the better. This includes your relationships. Relationships include family, job, spirituality, health, and community.

This is a channeled description of the Hall of Records from my Council of Beings: 

The Hall of Records is considered by some the Hall of Ascension. It has no physical form although humans will experience it as so because of the programming of physical places in time. It is accessed through portals and doorways through time.  It contains the records of every soul that has ever existed. It contains the records of all of their forms that they have taken, all of their agreements, contracts, any blood oaths, any promises, or commitments. It even contains any records of magical doings against the person or their families. It contains any records of court judgements which are in essence magic and spells of containment.  It includes all of the records of that soul including their current incarnation, their past incarnations, any timelines that they have created, any parallel dimensions, and other lives that they have created.  All of their multidimensional connections are here in this place called the Hall of Records.  It is a place that has no beginning and no end. When human beings experience it, they experience it as a room that they are comfortable in. They will create this place that they are comfortable in. It may look any way that they are comfortable with perceiving it. 

I have never heard it called the Hall of Ascension. That was a new one for me. 

What Each Course Offers:

Expert Instruction: Learn from Patricia Walls’ deep knowledge and experience in the Hall of Records, free will, and personal empowerment.

Interactive Learning: Engage in live, live streaming or recorded video sessions, peer discussions, and hands-on exercises to apply concepts to your life.

Community Support: Connect with like-minded individuals, share experiences, and grow together as a community.

Certification: Receive a certificate upon completion of the practitioner and Advanced Practitioner course, showcasing your commitment to personal and spiritual growth.

 Course Highlights:

Peer Collaboration: Engage in collaborative learning, share experiences, and connect with a community of like-minded individuals committed to personal growth.

Expert Mentorship: Benefit from the guidance of Patricia, drawing from her wisdom and experience in the realms of free will and spiritual empowerment.

Comprehensive Mastery Portfolio: Showcase your mastery through a final project, applying advanced principles to real-life scenarios and demonstrating your proficiency in your Hall of Records practice.

Who Should Enroll?

  • Individuals seeking profound personal and spiritual growth

  • Practitioners wanting to deepen their understanding of the Law of Free Will

  • Those ready to transform challenges into opportunities for positive change

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Note: Course content is inspired by the book "Hall of Records: Working Within the Law of Free Will to Change Your Life."


Exploration/Introduction Level

$77.77 Investment

Discover the Basics of Free Will Mastery:

  • Gain a foundational understanding of the Law of Free Will and the Hall of Records

  • Learn about the principles of the life blueprint, parallel selves, and family curses

  • Experience clearing of contracts, agreements and promises that have kept you in cycles of disruption and align with Universal laws for positive change

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 Intermediate/Practitioner Level

$555.55 Investment

Deepen Your Practice and Transform Your Reality:

  • Explore advanced concepts in the Law of Free Will and multidimensional relationships

  • Master esoteric aspects of the Hall of Records for profound insights

  • Apply quantum manifestation and reality-shaping techniques to your life

  • Receive certification as a Practitioner of the Hall of Records modality that allows you to use this technique in your practice

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 Master/Advanced Practitioner Level

$777.77 Investment

Become a Master of Your Destiny:

  • Delve into quantum resilience and transcendence in the face of challenges

  • Experience advanced transformational practices for personal growth

  • Mentor others and showcase your mastery through a comprehensive portfolio

  • Receive certification as a Advanced Practitioner of the Hall of Records modality that allows you to use this technique in your practice

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