Intermediate/Practitioner Level



Working Within the Law of Free Will to Change Your Life. This Certified Practitioner course is based on my book Hall of Records.   Your investment is $555

The Hall of Records can be used to gain insight and understanding, to access past lives, and to gain guidance on one's life path.

Learn the Law of free will and how it can be harnessed to overcome obstacles and achieve personal goals. It offers practical advice and techniques for making conscious choices and taking control of one's life and to help others as a practitioner.

When accessed, the Records allow individuals to tap into their own personal history and gain insights into their lives, relationships, and purpose.

These Records hold information about all aspects of life, including our past lives, current energies, historical experiences, and personal details. By accessing these records, we can gain a deeper understanding of our past and how it has shaped our present and future. This can help us contextualize our emotions, character, and reactions and have a greater appreciation for our past, present, and future.

Benefits of joining this course include:

  • Explore advanced concepts in the Law of Free Will and multidimensional relationships

  • Master esoteric aspects of the Hall of Records for profound insights

  • Apply quantum manifestation and reality-shaping techniques to your life

  • Receive certification as a Practitioner of the Hall of Records™ modality that allows you to use this technique in your practice

This is the second level of training and offers certification as a practitioner so that you can help others with growth, relationships, or career decisions. The Hall of Records offer a source of knowledge and guidance that can help individuals to live their best lives.


Course Title: Unlocking the Hall of Records: Practitioner Level Training

Course Overview: This course is designed to explore and apply the principles outlined in the book "Hall of Records: Working Within the Law of Free Will to Change Your Life." Participants will embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery, understanding, and empowerment, guided by the principles of The Law of Free Will.  The purpose of this course is to expand the basic concepts of the Hall of Records that one would use for reconciliation of contracts, agreements, promises, etc to clear blocks in one's personal life.  Through a combination of theoretical exploration, practical exercises, and interactive discussions, students will learn to harness the power of free will to positively impact their lives and their clients' lives.

It is strongly recommended that you complete the Foundation Level prior to applying for this course level as it covers the basics. 

Module 1:  Recap of the Introduction to Free Will

  • Brief Recap of Understanding the Concept of Free Will

  • Brief Recap of the Basic Principles of the Hall of Records

  • Brief Recap of the Method and What to Expect

Module 2: Exploring the Hall of Records

  • Empowerment Vs Dependency

  • Working with Other’s Records

  •  Expanded Methods of Accessing and Understanding Records

  • When It Doesn’t Work

Module 3: What is There to Explore

  • Working with Agreements, Promises, Contracts, Oaths

  • Investigating the Magical Movements of Blood Oaths and Bindings

  • The Many Curses (Family, Karmic, Self)

  • Vows of Suffering (Poverty, Burden, Whipping Boy/Girl)

  • What are Bleedovers

Module 4: Relationships and Freedom

  • Navigating Interpersonal Dynamics

  • Honoring the Free Will of Others

  • Creating Harmonious Connections

Module 5: Practice/Exploration

  • Explore through Experience

Module 6: Integration and Continued Growth

  • Reviewing Progress and Celebrating Achievements

  • Establishing Sustainable Practices

  • Continued Exploration of the Hall of Records or Self Expansion

Module 7:  Professional Obligations and Practices

  • Daily Practices of Spiritual Hygiene

  • Keeping Client Records

  • Energy Exchange

  • Record or Not

  • Boundaries and Communication

Course Format:

  • Two 4-5 Hour Live, Zoom or pre-recorded video lessons

  • Guided meditation and visualization exercises

  • Practical assignments and reflections

  • Q&A sessions with the instructor


  • Participation in discussions and activities

  • Clear Understanding of the Hall of Records and Law of Free Will

  • Knowledge of Protocols and Procedures

  • Competence in Guiding Client in a Successful Session

  • Exhibits Professionalism

Course Materials:

  • "Hall of Records: Working Within the Law of Free Will to Change Your Life" (required text)

  • Additional readings, articles, and resources provided by the instructor

This course aims to empower participants to navigate the complexities of life with a heightened awareness of their free will, fostering positive change and personal growth. Through a combination of theoretical understanding and practical application, students will develop the skills and mindset necessary to unlock their own Hall of Records and create a life aligned with their deepest intentions.

Course date is March 30-31, 2024  12-5 each day

Location:  Hearth Wisdom Store at 2899 W Pioneer Pkwy, Pantego, TX 76013 

Registration is through the store at Hall of Records 2day Workshop w/ Patricia Walls (