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Hall of Records

Create the Life You Want and Live with Purpose and Intention.

The Hall of Records can be used to gain insight and understanding, to access past lives, and to gain guidance on one's life path.

Learn the Law of free will and how it can be harnessed to overcome obstacles and achieve personal goals. It offers practical advice and techniques for making conscious choices and taking control of one's life.

When accessed, the Records allow individuals to tap into their own personal history and gain insights into their lives, relationships, and purpose.

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The Book

Hall of Records

Working Within the Law of Free Will to Change Your Life

First, let me share that I have been using this tool to successfully help others for most of my forty-year practice. And there are many testimonies of how it has altered their perceptions, their choices and their "innerstandings of the Universal Law of Free Will."

We have been told through many sources, whom we respect and trust, that we have no choice in our lives.  We have been told that we only have one life and to get it right.  We have been told that we can’t change karma or agreements to suffer.  We have been told that we can’t change our choices.  We have been told that when we set our blueprint, it was set and there are no options. We have been told many erroneous, manipulative, controlling, deceptive untruths.

In this book, I share my understanding of that and give you options and resources.  It doesn’t have to be your truth or understanding.  The act of picking up this book shows that you at least intend to listen and come to your own conclusions.

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