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What is the Hall of Records?

The Hall of Records is considered by some to be the same as the Hall of Ascension. It has no physical form although humans will experience it as so because of the programming of physical places in time. It is accessed through portals and doorways through time. It contains the records of every soul that has ever existed. It contains the records of all of their forms that they have taken, all of their agreements, contracts, any blood oaths, any promises, or commitments. It even contains any records of magical doings against the person or their families. It contains any records of court judgements which are in essence magic and spells of containment.  It includes all of the records of that soul, including their current incarnation, their past incarnations, any timelines that they have created, any parallel dimensions, and other lives that they have created.  All of their multidimensional connections are here in this place called the Hall of Records.  It is a place that has no beginning and no end. When human beings experience it, they experience it as a room that they are comfortable in. They will create this place that they are comfortable in. It may look any way that they are comfortable with perceiving it.

People have reported mostly corrections or dissolution of the following issues in doing the Hall of Records work:

  1. ·       Migraines being explained and their root causes removed

  2. ·       Intestinal problems being cured

  3. ·       Lower and middle back problems being cured

  4. ·       Neck and shoulder pains being removed

  5. ·       Lung associated problems being cured

  6. ·       Skin problems cleared

  7. ·       Improvements in personal relationships

  8. ·       Longstanding nightmares not reappearing

  9. ·       Fears and phobias released

  10. ·       Improvements in finances

  11. ·       Upswing in their own client case loads

  12. ·       Clarity of longstanding questions

  13. ·       Feeling lighter and happier due to release of burdens

  14. ·       Return of creativity and imagination