Mastery of Free Will: Advanced Hall of Records Practice Course Outline


Course Title: Mastery of Free Will: Advanced Hall of Records Practice

Course Overview: Welcome to the "Mastery of Free Will" course, designed for advanced practitioners seeking a profound and comprehensive understanding of free will and the Hall of Records based on the principles outlined in the book "Hall of Records: Working Within the Law of Free Will to Change Your Life." This course is tailored for those who have a foundational knowledge and are ready to delve deeper into the intricacies of the Hall of Records for transformative personal and spiritual growth.

Module 1:  Recap of the Practitioner Level Training

  • Brief Recap of Understanding the Concept of Free Will

  • Brief Recap of the Basic Principles of the Hall of Records

  • Brief Recap of the Method and What to Expect

  • Briefing on Practitioner Training and Client Experiences

Module 2: Advanced Concepts in Free Will

  • Deepening the Understanding of Free Will

  • Exploring Nuances and Complexities

  • Establishing Mastery through Practical Wisdom

  • The Sale of Your Freedom

Module 3: Esoteric Aspects of the Hall of Records

  • Contracts with the Dark

  • Ancestral Records, DNA Distortions, Blood Magic

Module 3: Advanced Universal Laws and Spiritual Alignment

  • Mastery of Universal Laws in Free Will Practice

  • The Interplay Between Spiritual Laws and Personal Empowerment

  • Advanced Techniques for Harmonizing with Cosmic Forces

  • How the Law of Free Will Affects Our Multidimensional Blueprint

Module 4: Quantum Manifestation and Reality Shaping

  • Advanced Techniques for Conscious Creation

  • Understanding Quantum Principles in Free Will Practice

  • Understanding Timelines, Other selves, and Walk-Ins

  • Mastering the Art of Reality Shaping

Module 5: Multidimensional Relationships

  • Navigating Relationships Across Different Realms

  • Soul Contracts and Agreements in the Hall of Records

  • Advanced Techniques for Harmonious Connection

Module 6: Ethical Mastery and Spiritual Responsibility

  • Advanced Ethical Considerations in Free Will Practice

  • Balancing Personal Freedom with Global Consciousness

  • Spiritual Responsibility and Service to Others

Module 7: Mastery of Transformational Practices

  • Advanced Meditation and Visualization Techniques

  • Alchemical Rituals for Profound Transformation

  • Mastery of Journaling for Self-Mastery

Module 8: Quantum Resilience and Transcendence

  • Quantum Resilience in the Face of Multidimensional Challenges

  • Strategies for Transcending Limitations

  • Transformative Power of Challenges in Spiritual Growth

  • Assessing Portals of Knowledge

Module 9: Integration and Synthesis

  • Synthesizing Advanced Concepts into Personal Practice

  • Integration of Mastery Principles into Daily Life

  • Peer Discussions and Collaborative Learning

Module 10: Mastery in Action

  • Advanced Case Studies and Practical Applications

  • Developing Advanced Spiritual Gifts

  • Becoming a Guide and Mentor in the Hall of Records Practice

Course Format:

  • Two 4-5 Hour Live, Zoom or pre-recorded video lessons

  • Guided meditation and visualization exercises

  • Practical assignments and reflections

  • Q&A sessions with the instructor


  • Participation in discussions and activities

  • Clear Understanding of the Hall of Records and Law of Free Will

  • Knowledge of Protocols and Procedures

  • Competence in Guiding Client in a Successful Session

  • Exhibits Professionalism

Course Materials:

  • "Hall of Records: Working Within the Law of Free Will to Change Your Life" (required text)

  • Additional readings, articles, and resources provided by the instructor

This course is designed for those committed to reaching the pinnacle of mastery in Free Will and Hall of Records exploration. Through advanced concepts, practical wisdom, and experiential learning, participants will cultivate the skills and insights needed to become master practitioners in the transformative journey of self-discovery and empowerment. 

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 Upon completion of all Hall of Records Training Levels, you'll earn an Advanced Practitioner Certificate to acknowledge your comprehensive mastery of this modality and to honor the dedication and commitment you’ve put into this sacred work.

Dates and Locations of this course level are not set at this time.  Please check back.