Exploration/Introduction Level


 Course Title: Unveiling Your Potential: A Journey into the Hall of Records

Course Overview: Welcome to "Unveiling Your Potential," a transformative course inspired by the book "Hall of Records: Working Within the Law of Free Will to Change Your Life." This course is designed to guide you on a personal journey of self-discovery and empowerment, drawing upon the profound principles of free will outlined in the book. Through a blend of theoretical exploration, practical exercises, and self-reflection, you'll learn to harness the power of free will to create positive change in your life.

Module 1: Introduction to the Hall of Records Concept

  • Innerstanding the Hall of Records as a Tool for Self-Discovery

  • Exploring the Connection Between Personal Records and Life Choices

  • Setting Intentions for Personal Transformation

Module 2: The Philosophy of Free Will

  • Defining Law of Free Will and Its Impact on Personal Empowerment

  • Historical Perspectives on Free Will

  • Recognizing the Intersection of Choice and Destiny

Module 3: Navigating the Hall of Records

  • Overview of the Hall of Records in Time and Space

  • Investigating the Process and Ever-Changing Results

  • The Role Creative Imagination Plays in Self-Empowerment

Module 4: Ethical Considerations in Free Will

  • Balancing Personal Freedom with Respecting the Free Will of Others

  • Making Ethical Choices in Alignment with Free Will

Module 4: Accessing Personal Records

  • Techniques for Accessing the Hall of Records

  • Interpreting Symbolism and Insights

  • Practical Exercises in Resolving Records

Module 5: Practical Experience

  • Hall of Records for Poverty/Lack Experience

  • Hall of Records for Illness/Disease Experience

  • Hall of Records for Scapegoat Experience

  • Hall of Records for Playing it Small Experience

Module 6: Practical Experience

  • Review of Experiences

  • What Is Next in Your Expansion?

Course Format:

  • This is a 2-hour introduction to the Hall of Records.  Attendance options are below.

  • Guided meditation and visualization exercises

  • Interactive assignments and reflections

  • Peer-to-peer discussions and sharing

  • Q&A sessions for clarifications and insights

Embark on this enriching journey with us as we delve into the profound concepts of the Hall of Records and the Law of Free Will, unlocking the doors to your potential and paving the way for positive transformation in every aspect of your life.


Course Options

With today's busy schedules, it always helps to have options for those that can't travel, choose not to travel, or just plain don't want to attend live events.  So, here are some options for you.

Replay of Prior Event

This is the replay of the February 2, 2024 class held at Hearth Wisdom store in Pantego, Texas.  You will receive the dropbox link for the replay as well as the pdf of the book and workbook. 

You might wonder why would you pay the same amount for a replay?  The answer is simply that the knowledge, experience, wisdom, and tools are the same whether in person or watching a replay.  

$77.77    You can purchase the replay  here:

Attend Live Zoom Event

This is an invitation to those who aren't local but would love to learn more about the Hall of Records and experience the tools in real time.  Many are taking advantage of the convenience of zoom meetings.   Even for those who are local but choose not to get out for one reason or another. 

$77.77  You can purchase tickets  here: